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Our Mission

It's hard to find someone exactly into the kinda stuff that you're into.  If matches happen, you're often too busy impressing them to worry about sharing your sexual preferences with them.  Sharing these intimate thoughts may also backfire: What if they don't understand? What if they're not willing to try?

That's why our team at Waves created an app that allows you to input your sexual preferences before matching.  You'll only see those who are comfortable with what turns you on.  You will also only be shown to those who want to try the same stuff as you.  That way, your preferences will never be out in the public for everyone to see.  By filtering preferences out, so you're also never matched to anything you're uncomfortable doing.

At Waves, we want to make sure that everyone can find someone to fully express themselves with.  So, input your deepest desires, and we'll make sure to find you those who will share it with you.

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Last updated: August 2019